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Sea Buckthorn Skin Therapy: It is a lush; easily absorbed cream in a mango base and can be used safely as a moisturizer for the face. It can also be used for rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and other skin problems. It is scent free. There are no added essential oils or fragrance.

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Sea Buckthorn Skin Care Cream: It is a slightly denser formula than our Skin Therapy cream and is in a Shea Butter base. It is the perfect cream to use for the repair of dry, damaged, irritated or aging skin. It can also be used for daily skin care. The pure essential oils of Rosemary & Lavender have been added to this formula for their healing properties as well as their fragrance.

Sea Buckthorn Skin Protection Cream: It is a protective cream in a sunflower seed oil base. It hydrates the skin and protects the skin against the elements. This is an excellent product for the outdoor enthusiast. A must for gardeners, skiers, sailors and of course farmers. Mandarin Essential oil is added to this formula for its antiseptic properties and for the fresh citrus fragrance.

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Each of our Sea Buckthorn Creams contains 5% Pure Sea Buckthorn oil. The Beta Carotene in the oil provides the lovely orange colour. There are many Sea Buckthorn products on the market where the Beta Carotene has been removed thus diminishing the healing & restorative properties of the product.

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Note: Although mandarin oil is citrus it contains no photosensitivity properties.

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There are no added essential oils or fragrance.


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