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Health Concerns: Chronic Infections

Chronic Infections

The immune system’s prime function is to protect the body against infections and allergies. Immune system enhancement is perhaps the most important and easily attainable health outcome from holistic doctors. A robust immune system not only reduces susceptibility to colds, flu and allergies, but it also decrease the chances of more serious illnesses such as cancer.


A strong immune system is one of the most important indicators of health and longevity. The integrative team at Health Momentum uses numerous tools and therapies, proven to improve immune function and decrease infection rates.


Naturopathic Medicine

Herbs and vitamin therapy:
Herbs and specific vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and zinc can play a key role in supporting the immune response.

Adrenal support (cortisol regulation):
Chronic high levels of stress can cause elevated cortisol, which can lead to significant impairment of the immune system.

Nutritional counselling:
The intake of a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables is a central part of immune health. A good diet helps to reduce the occurrence of colds and flues and decreases the risk of autoimmune conditions. An immune boosting diet coupled with immune boosting teas can be particularly effective in warding off colds, flu and illness.

Mindfulness based techniques on pain management
Stress management through various techniques such as deep belly breathing, yoga and counseling can help calm the nervous system and help reduce cortisol levels.


Internal Organ Correction (Visceral Manipulation):
By freeing tension placed on the various organs of the body, organ correction helps to improve the functioning of the various body systems, including the immune system. This improves overall circulation and exchange of nutrition in the tissues of the body, preventing stagnation that can contribute to a vulnerable immune system.

Cranial Work:
This type of work helps to decrease the overall stress in the body by focusing on the nervous system as a whole and by starting at the central processing unit of the body responsible for starting an immune response: the brain. Cranial work may help decrease cortisol levels and affect white blood cell count, which are both important factors in immunity. Research is being conducted by Health Momentum’s resident Osteopathy Thesis Writer in August 2014 to examine this very connection.

Muscle Release and Joint Realignment:
Balanced muscle tension and structural integrity of the body allows for optimal functioning of the immune system because it ensures there is decreased stress on the body that may otherwise contribute to inhibiting immune function.

Registered Massage Therapy

Research indicates that massage doesn’t only feel good, it is also good for you. Even after the very first massage, measurable immunological benefits have been observed. Beneficial changes in white blood cell counts have been measured. White blood cells play a key roll in the immune system and play a large part in defending the body against disease.

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