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Health Concerns: Oncology


Cancer is no one’s “fault”, and can happen to anybody.

Although a person’s genetic make-up, lifestyle choices and environment can influence their risk of developing cancer; cancer can also happen to people who have done their best over the years to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Risk Factors

Here are some ways DNA can become damaged and cancer cells thrive:

  • Smoking
  • Chronic infections and a poor immune system
  • Eating foods high in trans-fats
  • Chronic exposure to endocrine disruptors such as plastics
  • Chronic exposure to environmental toxins (pesticides, skin care, cleaning products)
  • Eating an acidic diet (lots of meat and dairy)
  • Having a high sugar and high inflammatory diet
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies


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At Health Momentum, we treat the body as a whole, addressing mind, body and spirit in the healing process.  We take a thorough medical history and examine all lab work.  If you currently have cancer, Naturopathic Doctors are trained to work with chemotherapy and radiation schedules and only ever prescribe vitamins and herbs when there are no issues concerning drug-herb interactions.

In most cases, Naturopathic Medicine is used to boost your strength, immunity, and energy post chemotherapy and radiation treatment.


Naturopathic Medicine

Nutrition is the foundation for health and lasting wellness. What we put into our bodies on a regular basis provides the building blocks for our cells and tissues. A cancer fighting diet will be discussed and realistic dietary suggestions will be made to suit your goals and needs.

Antioxidants and herbs:
Natural supplements effective in cancer treatment and prevention will be prescribed where necessary.

Antioxidants and herbs:
Natural supplements effective in cancer treatment and prevention will be prescribed where necessary.


Osteopathic treatment plays an important role for those living with cancer, as well as those undergoing the intense treatments that are part of this illness. By focusing on the organs of elimination, such as the liver, lungs, heart and kidneys, osteopathic therapy can ease the burden placed on the system by helping the body to process chemotherapy drugs, as well as help the individual regain their strength and energy to deal with such an experience. Osteopathic treatment can also help those with cancer by dealing with the physical pain caused by treatment, as well as help them process the emotional distress, through its gentle, non-invasive techniques designed to restore balance to the body.

Registered Massage Therapy

Massage for individuals undergoing cancer treatment has a very useful role. It assists in pain control; decreases stress levels and creates a relaxing atmosphere to help keep the client comfortable and feeling positive about the future.

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