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Osteopathy is a natural and gentle hands-on therapy that treats the individual as an integrated whole. Its aim is to restore balance and function not only to the joints and to the spine, but also to organs and neurological tissues.  These hands-on techniques are performed after years of professional training and clinical practice.

Our Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

Felipe Andrade, M.OMSc

Felipe Andrade is a classically trained Osteopathic Manual Therapist, graduated from the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, Ontario. His desire to help others and his interest in the human body and its workings took him on a path that started with Reiki training and continued with the Classical Osteopathy program, where he gained extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. The combined teaching of the natural laws that govern the body and the methods for holistically approaching patient health strongly resonated with him and reinforced his understanding that the body is an integrated unit of function that can heal and regulate itself. In combination with countless hours of clinical training, Felipe has gained an excellent experience of the innate properties of the body to heal when given the right conditions to do so. He continues to study and expand his knowledge of the human body as he strives to help the community in the best possible way, tailoring each treatment according to what they need in every session, remaining truthful to the philosophy and principles set by the founder of Osteopathy, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still.  

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