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This nutritional supplement from Nutri West features Thiamine, which is also known as vitamin B1. Since thiamine is a type of B vitamin it is referred to as an essential vitamin. This means that our bodies absolutely require it in order to sustain life; but the catch is that we can’t synthesize (or produce) it naturally which means our diets must provide adequate intake. However, if one’s diet is especially poor or inconsistent then there may be nutritional gaps in one’s health. That’s why dietary supplements like Core Level Thiamine which provides essential nutrients may be extremely beneficial.

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60 tabs


Each Tablet Supplies: Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine) 30mg? Vitamin F 7.5mg? Natural Vitamin E (succinate) 40i.u? Niacin 10mg? Rutin 15mg? Hesperidin Complex 10mg? Folic Acid 200mcg? Magnesium (as chelate) 14mg? Calcium (as chelate) 8mg? Potassium (as gluconate) 1.6mg? Sodium (as proteinate) 180mcg? Zinc (as chelate) 1mg? Copper (as chelate) 1mg? Duodenum 50mg? Liver 30mg? Heart 20mg? Spleen 20mg? Pancreas 12.5mg? Anterior Pituitary 6mg? Pancreatin 37.5mg? Rice Bran 90mg? L-Threonine 15mg? L-Leucine 10mg? L-Cysteine 10mg? L-Cystine 5mg? Licorice (root) 10mg? Blue Vervain (root/herb)15mg? Chickweed (herb) 5mg.

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1 tablet 3 times daily. Do not take in pregnancy.

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Corn Free GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification Soy Free Starch Free Sugar Free Yeast Free


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