Health Psychology


Using Discomfort to your Advantage

  • Although incredibly disruptive to our fast paced life, discomfit is one of the most powerful ways in which the body helps us get back on track.
  • The body is brilliant. It knows that through a little discomfort we are often more likely to listen, slow down, and pay attention to the helpful actions that will help with healing.


Reduce stress, anxiety & depression

  • Mind-body therapy helps to reshape how the brain processes and handles stressful information.  These techniques enable the formation of new connections within the brain which enhance health and wellbeing.


How do the mind & body communicate?

  • Our emotional state influences our body in dramatic ways. The brain communicates with the rest of the body via the nervous system. Nerve impulses leave the brain and travel into virtually all the body’s tissues and organs, affecting their function.
  • The implication of the brain-body connection is far reaching. Vital bodily functions such as blood pressure regulation and immune function are greatly influenced by the brain. The entire body is literally “wired” by the brain.



Learning Mind-Body Techniques  

  • Appropriate self help tools are rarely taught to us as children.
  • The absence of these tools makes it very difficult to know how to process and cope with adverse life situations in a healthy way.
  • Without effective tools, negative emotions linger in our body and have the potential to lower the resiliency of our body.  
  • The tools gained from mind body medicine are tools for life.  The mere fact that our brain can change and adapt over time can have an incredible impact on  what we can do to facilitate the healing process.