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Total Systemic Detox helps with detoxification of bodily wastes and toxins through the skin, kidneys and liver. There are many health benefits that can come with a total cleanse? including healthier skin increased energy and improved digestion. There are plenty of ways to detox: boosting your water intake and eating a healthy diet that’s low in fat and high in fiber are just two of them. You can find some extra support by taking a dietary supplement like Nutri West’s Total System D-Tox.
Total System D-Tox has been designed for adults who are starting a detox regimen as well as anyone who has a high level of toxin buildup in his or her body. Some of the nutrients provided by each capsule include:

Vitamin A-Also known as retinol? the vitamin A in Total Systemic D-Tox may support strong bones and teeth. maintain healthy skin. strengthen immunity. and promote healthy vision.

Vitamin E-An essential nutrient that may protect against toxins, eye disorders conditions that affect the metabolism and trouble with memory.

Niacin – Also known as vitamin B3.  niacin may support cardiovascular health while possibly promoting detoxification.

Folic Acid-a type of essential B vitamin. folic acid levels are necessary for maintaining healthy blood cells plus much more.

Additional information

Size / # Caps

60 tablets


Serving Size: 1 Tablet Amount Per Serving / % DV Vitamin A (As Palmitate) (79% as beta-carotene) 1600 IU / 32% Vitamin C (As sago palm) 125mg / 208% Vitamin D3 (As Cholecalciferol) 70 IU / 18% Thiamine (As Hydrochloride) 4mg / 267% Riboflavin 4mg / 235% Niacin 4mg / 20% Folate (As folic acid) 50mcg / 13% Vitamin B-12 (As cyanocobalamin) 10mcg / 134% Biotin 35mcg / 12% Pantothenic Acid (As calcium pantothenate) 8mg / 80% Magnesium (As glycinate? citrate? aspartate) 10mg / 3% Zinc (As chelate) 0.650mg / 4% Selenium (As methionine) 25mcg / 36% Manganese (As aspartate) 0.100mg / 5% Chromium (As chelate) 10mcg / 7% Molybdenum (As citrate) 8mcg / 11% Proprietary Blend 156mg / * L-Glutamine? choline (as bitartrate)? inositol? L-Taurine? L-Glycine? L-Methionine? milk thistle (leaf seed)? beet (root)? eleuthero (root)? N-Acetyl cysteine? dandelion (root)? pyridoxal-5-phosphate? L-Glutathione? propolis? quercetin? L-ornithine (as hydrochloride)? L-glutamic acid (as hydrochloride)? L- Arginine? L-Lysine (as hydrochloride)? L-Tyrosine? yellow dock (root)? asparagus (root)? broccoli (head)? chlorophyll? milk thistle extract (seed)? turmeric powder (curcumin) (herb)? calcium D-glucarate? Co Enzyme Q-10.

Label Information

Use as directed by a healthcare professional or take Total System D-Tox by Nutri West three times daily? with one to two capsules for each dose.

Contains No

This supplement is free of corn? preservatives? salt? soy? sugar? wheat? and yeast.


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